Dt. Shilpa Goel

About Dt. Shilpa Goel

Master in Food and nutrition, Bachelor’s in Food Technology Hons.

Nutritionist, 11 Months Experience

A well-presented, self-motivated and confident student with knowledge of assessing a person’s nutritional needs, then developing and implementing nutrition programs for them. Possessing the ability to communicate complex and sensitive information about dietary matters in an understandable form to persons. Having a proven academic track record of successfully promoting healthy eating habits to communities and suggest diet modifications to individuals.

  • Bachelor’s in Food Technology (HONS.) – Bhaskaracharya College Of Applied Sciences, University of Delhi , India 

  • Master in Food and Nutrition – Amity University, Noida , U.P., India

  • Nutrition for Bone Health

  • Pediatric Nutrition

  • Nutrition for Chronic Illness

  • Diet for Diabetes Control

  • June 2016 – Worked at Public Health Foundation of India for developing the aids in body weight management (6 months)

  • Jan-April 2017 – Gained Experience from Max Hospital (5 months)

  • Got First Prize in Rajiv Gandhi G-Need (Scientific Model) based on “SUSTAINABLE UTILIZATION OF BIO RESOURSES” a research based model

  • Also got First Prize at state level in Jawaharlal Nehru Scientific Exhibition for the Same research based model.