Admission Process

  • Registration form is filled by the patient/attendant OR admission is done as per instructions given on Doctor's OPD prescription.

  • Patient details are entered in HMS & Medical Record No. (MR No.) is generated (If coming for the first time)

  • Availability of room is checked from the HMS and confirmed from the nursing supervisor / Sister in Charge

  • Patient/attendant is counseled regarding the procedure/treatment and estimated expenditure is explained.

  • Admission is done in the HMS. IP no & Admission Record is generated

  • Advance amount taken from the patient by cash / credit card as per the estimated cost.

  • For TPA patient, pre authorization form is given that is to be filled up and signed by the patient and the doctor (carried out by Corporate Desk).

  • Passes are issued to the patient as per visitor policy and record maintained in Visitor Pass Register

  • Patient folder is created following which patient is assisted by the GDA to the allocated ward/room.

Discharge Process

  • Billing Department receives discharge intimation from the concerned ward through HMS.

  • Final Bill is prepared by the billing department & sent to Admission desk

  • Pending amount is collected from the patient / attendant by cash / credit card or refunded as the case may be.

  • In case of complimentary service or Discount, approval is taken from the higher authorities.

  • Approval has to be taken from higher authorities, if patient wants to pay through cheque

  • For TPA Cases, non payable items are charged from the patient & Copy of the Bill is counter signed by the patient / attendant.

  • Financial clearance for discharge is handed over to the attendants of the patient

  • Patient is discharged from the HMS

  • Housekeeping is informed regarding cleaning of the room.

  • Room is made ready for new admission.

Patient Billing

  • System generated Activity sheets are received through wards at night

  • Package, non package items and other details are checked as per the opted category & any variance is highlighted on a daily basis

IPD Supportive Process

  • Patients who are in Intensive Care Unit , one attendant is allowed to stay in the waiting lounge at night

  • Attendant who wishes to occupy the room when patient is in OT / ICU is required to inform the Admission Desk. (subjected to availability of room)